Travel Guide: Barcelona, Spain

So, you’re traveling to Barcelona, but what do you do? Where do you eat? Where do you stay?! Don’t sweat it I’m here to help with all of that! I traveled to Barcelona, Spain for three days on a short solo trip and I definitely learned the ropes as I went along. I have made the ultimate Travel Guide: Barcelona, Spain.

Where to eat

Honestly, Barcelona is a place you can kind of just wander the streets and stumble upon many good places to eat. You can never go wrong with Tapas on the beach and some sangria! But here are some note worthy choices for the necessities!

Julivert Meu

  • Carrer de Bonsuccés, 7, 08001 Barcelona, Spain
  • This is a very cute and quaint restaurant that is described as a “typical catalan restaurant”. Very simple but delicious! Nice place to have dinner

Bar Pastís

  • Carrer de Santa Mònica, 4, 08001 Barcelona, Spain
  • This bar is pretty small, but full of character! There are adorable little cards and signs covering the walls from top to bottom, with some twinkle lights strewn around as well. Live music most nights, and a generally great atmosphere!


  • Carrer de la Palla, 8, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
  • This is an AMAZINGLY delicious sweets shop in the gothic quarter of Barcelona. The desserts are actually made by nuns from local convents in the area. There is a tasting area in the basement that is soo nice!

What to See


Travel Guide: Barcelona, Spain

Sagrada Família

  • Carrer de Mallorca, 401, 08013 Barcelona, Spain
  • This is my #1 thing to see in Barcelona. Words cannot express the feeling of witnessing this architectural masterpiece in person. It is such a funky building, truly like no other. It actually isn’t even done being built fully.
  • You can go into the building, I chose not to do this simply because of the length of the line to get inside. Seeing the outside was enough for me!

Travel Guide: Barcelona, Spain

Casa Batlló

  • Passeig de Gràcia, 43, 08007 Barcelona, Spain
  • Definitely my second favorite building by Gaudi, it is really beautiful and unique in the setting. This is actually built between two other buildings and completely stands out! You can buy tickets to get a tour of the s=inside of this for about 23 Euros. Tickets come with a guide to the house as well.

Travel Guide: Barcelona, Spain

Casa Milà

  • Provença, 261-265, 08008 Barcelona, Spain
  • Yet another piece by Gaudi! This is just down the street from Casa Batlló. You can tour this as well, for about 20 Euro. They also have a nice Cafe inside which is nice to just relax in before you head back out into the heat!
Travel Guide: Barcelona, Spain

Monumental Area

Travel Guide: Barcelona, Spain

Free Area

Park Güell

  • 08024 Barcelona, Spain
  • This is an awesome place to visit! The park itself is free for entry. BUT if you want into the monumental area (you do) it will cost 8 euro and you need to buy them ahead of time. They only let a certain number of people into the park at a time so it would suck to go to the park without a ticket and not be able to get into the area (I did this, and lets just say I was not a happy camper).

Others To See:

Travel Guide: Barcelona, Spain

Santa Maria del Mar

  • Plaça de Santa Maria, 1, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
  • This is a nice church to visit because it’s a nice break from Gaudi architecture. It looks much more “conventional” and is beautiful on the inside. You do need to dress modest to get in though!
    Travel Guide: Barcelona, Spain

The Beach

  • DUH!!!!!!
  • There are so many beaches in Barcelona it is impossible for me to suggest just one! You can literally just walk the shoreline and plop down wherever you please!

Where I Stayed

Vrabac Guesthouse

  • Carrer Portaferrissa, 14, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
  • I absolutely loved my time at this place! The staff was so nice and accommodating with check-in times. They have a free breakfast buffet, and there is central air in every room (thank God!).
  • They also provide a much longer list of suggested places to eat and visit on your trip, a public transportation map and a map of the city. Very helpful!

General Tips

  • The northern beaches are “cleaner” and less touristy, but pretty far out of the way.
  • The southern beaches are the “party” beaches and are definitely more tourist oriented.
  • Buy a ticket for one of those super cheesy tour buses. I cannot believe I just suggested this to you, but seriously do it, your feet will thank you later! They cost 28 euro for one day and 38 for two days. All of the sights in Barcelona are so far apart it is a truly painful experience to walk to them all, I would know!
  • Spend at least part of a day just wandering. Don’t worry about having a plan all of the time, there are so many awesome side streets to explore, its worth it!

Travel Guide: Barcelona, Spain