Surviving A Long Distance Relationship

surviving a long distance relationship

One of the worst things about traveling a lot, starting college, or getting a new job? Surviving a long distance relationship because of it! Surviving a long distance relationship can be brutal for all parties involved, and takes serious dedication to make work but it is definitely worth it if you can figure it out.

How To Make It Work

  • Set weekly Skype dates!
    • This is one of the most important things, it makes such a big difference in relieving the pain of missing the person.
    • It helps if you guys talk about future plans together. Something like planning a future trip together.
  • Watch Something Together.
    • If you guys are in the same country, pick a tv show or movie you both like and video chat with each other as you both watch it so you can see each others reactions in real time. This really makes it feel like you’re actually with each other.
    • If you’re not in the same country you can either watch Netflix, Youtube or Hulu together. Skype has a screen sharing option that you can utilize for this.
  • Best Apps to help?!
    • Couple
      • This is one of my favorite apps to use while I’m traveling. the app store describes it as follows:
        • Couple keeps all your special moments saved privately in one place and connects you to only the most important person in your life for the most private messaging experience. Perfect for both long distance relationships and couples in same city. Express yourself with video, audio, photos, and stickers; be close, even when apart with ThumbKiss™; and do everything from one app: share to-do lists, set reminders, make phone calls, send messages, share your location, suggest places to go out to on dates nights, and more.
    • Doing Time
      • This app allows you to countdown the time until you see you’re special someone. Having a visual countdown helps make it seem like it’s going faster.
  • Crafts To Do
    • Care packages
      • Care packages are so much fun! You can seriously do whatever you want with them. Search on Pinterest to get some ideas! They can be anything from a “surviving finals” package to sending all your favorite thing from the place you live so they can experience some of it with you.
      • Some things to include:
        • Pictures.
        • Presents.
        • Food.
        • Movies.
    • “Open When” Letters
      • These are sooo nice if you’re going to be apart for a long period of time. You can find loads of examples of these online, but you basically just anticipate circumstances you won’t be there for and you write letters of how you would respond if you were in person. The classes example of these is the “when you’re mad at me” letter.
    • Countdown
      • This is such a cute idea, and super easy and fun to make together! You basically just make a little booklet that serves as a countdown of the days until you see each other again. So on each page you have the number of days, and then either one of your favorite quotes, or a picture, or love notes. So you can flip the page once a day and see the time fly by!
  • General Tips
    • One of the most fun things to do is play a little game of 21 questions over Skype. It’s fun and you get to know each other better! Works well with some alcohol too!
    • I find that texting a lot throughout the day helps makes you feel more connected when you cant actually be together.
    • Make sure you see each other as much as humanly possible. I usually alternate weekends of going to them and then them coming to me.
      • Spend alone time with each other, but also try and spend time being integrated in your partners everyday life so you feel like a real part of their lives and not a separate entity.
      • surprise visits are always welcome!!
    • Take this time to really focus on yourself. It will help you evolve into a better person, plus it makes time go by faster!
    • Get ready for the corn!
      • The bottom line, the only thing that makes a long distance relationship really work? Having both people really committed and knowing you want it! Super corny I know, but it really is the foundation of surviving a long distance relationship.

Do you have any more suggestions on how to make a long distance relationship work? Comment them below!

“I want to write ‘I miss you’ on a rock and throw it at your face so you know how much it hurts to miss you”