Why I’m Totally Fine “Paying For My Friends”

Paying for your friends

Greek life seems to be becoming such a taboo subject recently, but I don’t see a reason to not get into the nitty gritty of it today. The main thing people always comment on is the perceived “paying for my friends” aspect of greek life. I will be doing a breakdown of my thoughts on greek life over all and wether or not I think it’s worth it.

  • Rushing?

    • If you’re rushing as a freshman this is a perfect way to make friends. When you agree to go through recruitment it is not a commitment to join in the end if you don’t feel comfortable. You do (most places) have to pay a small fee to go through recruitment, this is because all of the chapters on your campus put together beautiful set-ups and activities for all of the PNM’s (Potential New Members) and all of that costs money! So by the end of recruitment if you do not feel a real connection to a specific organization (99% Chance you will) you can simply just not join, but you will have made friends simply going through the process so really what’s the harm!?
  • Why Would I join?

    • There are so many advantages for being in greek life I can’t even begin to list them all, but I will include the ones I was most keen on when I joined. The initial reason that made me want to join a sorority is for the friends, get ready for my corny explanation. Being a commuter student, like I was, it was really hard for me to make new friends and I had always semi wanted to look into joining a sorority but I was afraid all the girls would annoy me lol. While I was going through recruitment I realized the reason people join, it legitimately is a sisterhood. Most organizations have one specific interest they focus on, greek life is an amazing mix of unique individuals with a specific set of goals, morals, and drive that hold them all together, you can always find an endless supply of people you enjoy spending time with. Another major advantage is the networking and connections you make through it, even just going through recruitment I was introduced to women who were in my desired profession or majors that had done amazing internships. Once you have joined, you have the opportunity to run for offices in your organization that give you priceless leadership experience that look awesome on your resume and gives you so many opportunities outside of greek life.
  • Think you can’t afford it?

    • I’ not going to lie to you, the first year of dues isn’t cheap. The first year includes one-time things like your badge, all of your new member gear and some international fees you only pay once. Once you are past your first year your dues drop significantly! On top of that, there are special scholarships for people in greek life, as well as payment plans being offered to anyone who would like them. I promise anyone can afford them (without their parents help at all) you just have to figure out what you can afford per month and they will work with you.
  • Don’t you just party all of the time? Don’t your grades slip?

    • This one bothers me so much!! First of all, once you are in greek life you have mandatory study hours that you have to complete every week, and a minimum GPA you must keep up every semester or else you are put on probation. My grades got SO much better once I was involved in greek life, I can’t even imagine where I would be without those dreaded study hours! As for partying, obviously I’ve been to a party at some point in my four years of college. Partying is a part of college, not greek life.
  • So you just pay for your friends?

    • I really don’t know how to explain this any different than I am about to, so I really hope it makes sense! The dues for fraternities and sororities goes towards: international dues (can’t control those), lettered T-shirts (SO cute!), Social events you have with other organizations (food, activities, decorations etc..), a formal (basically prom), and providing a budget for the many events you put on as an organization (mainly philanthropy events and things to support some sort of charity). All of these above mentioned things cost money, so the only way you get to do all the amazing things you do in these organizations is by charging so that you can budget for all of it. Every single organization in college and high school charges some sort of dues to participate, either for jerseys or some annual event they hold for their members. I do not know how this stigma of “paying for my friends” came about specifically for greek life because every organization requires payments and those payments have zero affect on making friends with the specific people in these organizations.
  • Aren’t the girls super catty?

    • Not going to lie to you, DUH! Assuming there is roughly fifty girls in each sorority, obviously there are going to be some of them that you do not get along with or even like in general, but you’re not supposed to like them all so don’t sweat it. Sororities and fraternities are not made so you can get fifty million instant best friends, BUT you do get an instant fifty million individuals who respect and support you no matter their individual feelings towards you. Plus, you get a handful of people you genuinely love and have a friendship with the rest of your life.
  • So, is it actually worth it?

    • Absolutely!!!!! Honestly, I cannot recommend greek life enough to people, it really helped me mature as an individual and develop some amazingly strong relationships with so many different people. I gained amazing leadership experience as well as making outstanding connections that are still benefitting me to this day. Just go through recruitment! Even if you’re not sure 100% you want to join one, just go through recruitment and see if you feel that connection so many have found. I promise you won’t regret it, one way or the other you will find out if it is for you!

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