How To Get Over A Breakup

We've all been through a gut wrenching breakup, and we all handle it differently. I have compiled the most comprehensive guide on how to get over a breakup!|

We’ve all been through a gut wrenching breakup, and we all handle it differently. I have compiled the most comprehensive guide on how to get over a breakup!

One of the most important things I aggressively recommend is getting distance from each other. Now, I know this is much easier said than done but it really is the golden nugget that will make this process work! Whether this means you delete each other from social media is up to you, but just try and separate yourselves as completely and cleanly as you can. This doesn’t mean you can’t be friends again down the line, but it does mean that you can’not be friends right now.

Let yourself be sad

It’s so important to allow yourself a grieving period! This means different things for different people, so whatever it means to you, allow yourself to do it. Personally, this means I go and get my favorite junk food and find some guilty-pleasure movies and allow myself to be a hermit for a few days. It’s important you give yourself permission to grieve the “death” of the relationship. BUT only allow this period to be for a limited amount of time.

Lean on your friends

Whether you’re the type of person that likes to talk through issues or not it is important to use your friends during this period. You don’t have to share anything if you don’t want to, just invite them over and hangout like you normally would. Go out to a nice dinner, or plan an entire day of activities for you to go do. This will help you feel like you are coming back into your life in a comfortable manner without pushing yourself too fast.

Do things you always wanted to do but your partner didn’t

This one is where it starts to get fun! Start to think back on all of the activities you have wanted to do throughout the relationship but they didn’t want to, so you didn’t get to go do it. Now is the time to go do those! Hobbies, trips, new interests, classes, whatever your heart desires! Find a new passion, GO!!

Go explore new places

This kind of ties in with the point above, but it will push you just a little bit further. Traveling by yourself can be pretty scary the first few times you do it, but I promise you it is the most rewarding, amazing thing you can do! Pick somewhere you’ve always wanted to go (and you can afford) and just go! pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways to get over something, and allows you to really connect with yourself again.

Spend time building up relationships you may have neglected

This one is so important! When people are in relationships they naturally spend more time with their partners, which means less time for friends. You now have all this free time, it’s time to start making more time for those who you may have put on the back burner. Go out of your way to visit with old friends, or friends you may not live near anymore. Reconnecting with people is so refreshing and is a lovely break in your “normal” life.

 Find a new workout routine

This one has helped me so many times! I have always wanted to get into boxing, so I went and got myself a punching bag so that I could could let some aggression out in a constructive manner! Find an aggressive workout class, or just a new routine to really push yourself physically. Exercise is so good for you, plus a revenge body is a real thing lol

Say “Yes” more

Push yourself to say “yes” more often when people ask you to go do something. Get out of your house and go have some new adventures with good people!

Unfortunately, the only thing you can really do is just give yourself some time to heal from everything. These steps will help you pass the time more efficiently, but it all comes down to how badly you want to heal and move on!

What are your tips and tricks for getting over a breakup? Leave them in the comments below!